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What to wear for your #Udan22? 
Some ideas and suggestions for your attire. 

Tailoring Equipments

What's a wedding until you get ready in your dancing shoes and put on your best outfit? If it's your first time attending an Indian wedding - and are worried about procuring clothes ahead of the event (especially being in Europe!) - fear not we have some suggestions and ideas for you.

This is to the best of our knowledge but if you have any other info please let us know - we’ll keep this updated and it will help others as well!


For Procurement 

There are largely 3 practical modes (in order of preference) for buying Indian outfits for the wedding.

  • Buying in-person in India: If you are arriving 5-7 days before the wedding in India, and/or want to have clothes tailored to the style and fit. For this, please consider a lead time of 3-5 days for men and 5-7 days for women's tailored clothes unless you like a readymade piece available in the stores, which of course would be available right away.
    Reach out to us if you are arriving in this timeframe or earlier and we will suggest some stores based on your travel itinerary within India.


  • Buying online on Indian websites: If you are arriving shortly before the wedding in India (2-4 days) and like something online, then get it delivered to Udit's or Sanjna’s address. Here are links to some Indian websites for you to purchase specific attires online. If you find something of your liking, feel free to reach out to us!

    1. (pretty much Zalando in India with quick delivery)



  • Buying online on local/international websites: preferable option when other two options don’t work ;)

You can go for local Amazon, Zalando (DE), Etsy, or general Google search for Indian outfit shopping in your area. Feel free to ask us for help in choosing colors, dresses, and even determining the ideal price segment.


Ideas for day by day event


Sangeet / Cocktail

Attire theme: Western

As the attire theme is western, please feel free to don any of your existing favorite western ensemble (a suit/tuxedo for men and an evening gown for ladies is always classic) for this evening!



Attire theme: Yellow for women and white kurta for men

This is a fun event where we will put organic yellow colour on the couple and on each other! We suggest you go for a cheaper option for this event as the upper garment usually gets dirty in colours and turmeric during the function and it gets very tricky to wash them off. 


Attire theme: Ethnic Indian

That’s where you have lots of options for everyone!


Suggestion for gentlemen’s outfits


Suggestion for ladies’ outfits:

Saree: A sari/saree is a women's garment from the Indian subcontinent that consists of an unstitched drape varying from 4.5 to 9 metres. One would need a crop-top-like blouse for it and a petticoat. The saree too would need to have ‘fall’ attached to it. Here’s a tutorial on how to tie it. 

Sanjna’s recommendation: Go for a ready-made stitched saree if you’re keen on wearing one. Here’s how they look - and most come with an unstitched blouse piece. I recommend getting a matching crop top (use one if you already have one - for example, this dark blue saree can work well with a black crop top) and not investing time/effort in stitching blouses because of time constraints. Or you can also find ready made blouses that can be ordered separately on Myntra, Ajio, or Amazon India.  

Lehenga: The lehenga, also known as a ghagra is a form of ankle-length skirt from the Indian subcontinent. Different patterns and styles of traditional embroidery are used to decorate the lehenga. Here’s a link for some examples.


Sanjna’s recommendation: Prefer lehenga for hassle-free and lovely Indian attire. You can also pair a nice crop top/blouse/top you already have (or can buy here) with an ethnic long skirt like you can find here or here. You could also buy a matching stole or dupatta online or in-person to go with it. And of course, Pinterest is full of ideas for how you can mix and match.

Accessories: You can buy earrings and necklaces online, but these are also easily available locally in India or specifically in Chandigarh, so you can pick them up the day you arrive. Ask Sanjna for local shopping recommendations for shops that sell these.

All in all, you're always free to wear whatever you like! These are just suggestions for a cultural experience. 

Still, have some questions? Reach out to us directly or at

In case you missed it, here's our guide about how to reach Chandigarh; we will continue to update it. 

Day by day attire
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